New Windows For Your Home

Do you need new windows for your home?

Windows Quality windows are crucial to the functionality of any home.  Now is the time to inspect your windows to make sure they are doing the job.

Du to high humidity  in the summers and the wet winters in this area, mold and mildew helps to speed up the process, and can cause the windows to warp, thus allowing drafts into the home.

Cooling your home in the summer and heating your home in the winter can be costly.  In order to avoid paying high heating and cooling costs, new windows may be your answer.

You need to also inspect to see if the windows fit into the window frames well.  Gaps between the windows and frames and pealing sealant are also signs that the time has come to replace your windows.  Bugs, wind, and other things can find their way into your home if you don’t take care of ill fitting windows.

Look at the glass in your windows.  Scratches and cracks in the glass can cause weakened glass.  The weakened glass is much less likely to withstand the heavy wind and storms. New efficiency and insulated windows can take care of this problem before you see shattered windows.

If any of these sound like your windows, give Dream Home Solutions a call at 757-961-6401.  We are a reliable home improvement experts that can walk you step by step through the process! We can help save you money and improve the curb appeal of your home.